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Press release 07-06-2020

Call to adopt a comprehensive system of combination testing to ensure successful crisis management of Covid-19 and long-term border management 


A call for the international community to develop an international biosecurity system


Alive Med Corporation enters into strategic  ZenTech to spread usage of Covid-19 Rapid Antibody Test “QuickZen” and its automatic readers developed in partnership with the European Space Agency

However, well-established companies have now produced a Rapid Test that is being used all around Europe and is spreading throughout the world. The QuickZen Rapid Test, developed by Belgian company ZenTech, has an astonishing accuracy rate of 99.5% and the results are provided within 15 minutes. It is already CE approved by the European Agency, being used significantly around clinics and pharmacies in Europe, and is on its way to receiving FDA approval by the USA. It is the only test in Belgium that is covered by health insurance, exhibiting the country’s preferred method of rapid testing for Covid-19. The Belgian government itself has already purchased over 3.5 million tests.


Laila Hareb, President of AliveMed makes a statement concerning the virus and how it is being dealt with: “I commend the endeavours of the UAE and of the workers in all sectors fighting on the frontiers to contain the virus and bringing this crisis to an end under our wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Prime minister of the UAE and the UAE government,  and it my opinion, it is critical to implement a comprehensive strategy. At the national level, I believe  we need to make use of a system that depends on several factors that complement each other in order to ensure an extremely accurate and faster result so that we can manage this crisis efficiently.”


 She also mentions that PCR testing, which is what is currently being used by health departments in the UAE, can be used in combination with the QuickZen Rapid Test to develop a faster and more accurate method of testing. PCR is not accurate enough on its own. In addition, PCR can be tedious and can result in inaccurate results due to the interpretations of the readings, and the amount of viral RNA received from the patient. Thus, multiple testing must be considered. The QuickZen Rapid Test is extremely accurate if the test result is positive. Alive Med has constructed a suggested protocol to make proper use out of the QuickZen Rapid Test in combination with possible PCR testing. This consists of the patient initially taking the Rapid Test at their consultation: if they test positive, then they can follow their doctor’s recommended treatment, and if they test negative, then they can choose between two steps. Either they (1) wait 7 days to take another Rapid Test, getting instantaneous results, or (2) take a PCR test at their initial consultation, which can take just as long as 7 days to obtain results. Thus, this leads to a much more accurate diagnosis, reduces the amount of PCR testing needed, and reduces the chances of receiving false negatives from PCR. Below, you can find a study attached concerning these rapid tests for antibody detection, as well as a supporting document.


Alive Med, a leading medical trade company in the UAE, is working on exclusively providing these tests. In these difficult times, it is critical to be fast and accurate in medical testing in order to diagnose and isolate patients. It is also worth noting that the European Space Agency has selected ZenTech to examine its use of antibody testing in border control. This is being tested in regions of Italy in order to strengthen their response to the pandemic.


Hareb also added “Issuing a protocol, once borders are opened is of utmost importance, so that we can ensure that the virus does not spread within aircrafts. This will help relieve the economic burden on airlines as they have to deal with redesigning the interiors of aircrafts to ensure safety procedures are being met. Moreover, this is important for our future, as we must ensure a strong protocol and system of virus containment and security”


About Alive Med

Alive Med is a leading trade company in the diagnostic fields of Rapid Testing and the treatment of Sleep Apnea, and specialized as well in aeromedical and space medical fields

Alive Medical’s mission is to apply innovation to:

  • Help patients gain access to affordable, efficient and comfortable diagnostic services.

  • Enable physicians to have access to more accessible and efficient diagnostic tools to provide better service.

  • Assist institutions in ensuring peak performance of their staff, especially in critical jobs (pilots, Navigators , Military and police personnel  etc)

  • Enhance health awareness in the region among the public.







-the end-

There have been multiple concerns surrounding the distinct testing methods used to diagnose Covid-19. This is especially so for Rapid Antibody testing, which is known to detect antibodies in the body that are present if trying to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The never-ending fight to control the market has led to prohibitions of certain tests including this one. In these times, it is our duty as a nation to exhibit the concerning reality of what the world is going through and the types of solutions that are available to us.

There is one issue with rapid antibody testing, and that is its reputation. Rapid antibody testing is being used around the world in increasing rates, being manufactured by over 100 companies. The majority of these manufacturers are Chinese-originated and are rarely registered or recognized by any scientific, health, or respective governmental authorities. Its mass production by these companies in places, leading to an unsatisfactory product with large probabilities of error, has given the Rapid Test a bad name.

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